K4USD Network

Supporting Amateur DMR Repeater Operators
(Revised 04/12/2016)

Amateur Radio Guide to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR): http://www.k4usd.org/guide.pdf

The K4USD Network operates a c-Bridge cloud (currently 65 managers) and a development cBridge offering connectivity to the core DMR-MARC, NATS, DCI and Brandmeister networks along with connectivity to other content (TG) providers.

Each DMR Repeater is typically assigned a c-Bridge Manager, your repeater can be configured as either a MASTER or PEER; most select configuring their repeater as a PEER so they do not need a static IP address.

We offer a standard configuration as listed below, but can customize within some limitations for your individual repeater needs. If there is a talk group you want that we do not have, we will try and obtain it for you. Please contact your local repeater operator for the layout of talk groups on specific repeater.

We do not charge for connectivity, but accept donations to cover the expense of licenses required for each repeater and hardware. Our data center is donated by one of our operators and is located near Dayton, Ohio.


Talk Group TG TS F/PTT Source

World Wide Calling 1 1 PTT** DMR-MARC
North America Calling 3 1 F DMR-MARC
WW English Calling 13 1 PTT DMR-MARC
WW German Calling 10 1 PTT DMR-MARC
WW Spanish Calling 14 1 PTT DMR-MARC
WW Nordic Calling 17 1 PTT DMR-MARC

Local2 2 2 F Local Network
Local9 9 2 F Local Repeater

Midwest Regional 3169 2 F/PTT* DMR-MARC
Northeast Regional 3172 2 F/PTT* DMR-MARC
MidAtlantic Regional 3173 2 F/PTT* DMR-MARC
Southeast Regional 3174 2 F/PTT* DMR-MARC
SouthernPlains Regional 3175 2 F/PTT* DMR-MARC
Southwest Regional 3176 2 F/PTT* DMR-MARC
Mountain Regional 3177 2 F/PTT* DMR-MARC

AL State 3101 2 F AL-DMR
(AL Repeaters only)

FL State 3112 2 F DMR-MARC-IPSC2
(FL Repeaters only)
TX State 3148 2 F LoneStar
(TX Rpts only)
First Coast(NE FL) 31121 2 PTT*** K4USD
GA State 3113 2 F/PTT*β DMRX (K4USD)
OH State 3139 2 F/PTT*β DMRX (CODIG)
MA State 3125 2 F/PTT* DMRX (MIT)
MN State 3127 2 F/PTT*β K4USD
TN State 3147 2 F/PTT* DMRX (VOLNET)
VA State 3151 2 F/PTT*β K4USD
MD State 3124 2 F/PTT*β K4USD
DC State 3111 2 F/PTT*β K4USD
DE State 3110 2 F/PTT*β K4USD
SC State 3145 2 F/PTT* K4USD
KY State 3121 2 F/PTT*β K4USD
PA State 3142 2 F/PTT*β DCI
WI State 3155 2 F/PTT* ChicagoLand
IL State 3117 2 F/PTT* ChicagoLand
TX State 3148 2 F/PTT*β Lonestar

TAC1 8951 2 PTT DMRX (DCI)
TAC310 310 2 PTT** DMRX (DCI)
TAC311 311 2 PTT DMRX (DCI)
TAC312 312 2 PTT DRMX (DCI)
TAC313 313 2 PTT+ K4USD
TAC314 314 2 PTT+ K4USD
TAC315 315 2 PTT+ K4USD
TAC316 316 2 PTT+ K4USD
TAC317 317 2 PTT+ K4USD
TAC318 318 2 PTT+ K4USD
TAC319 319 2 PTT+ K4USD

COMM1 3777215 1 PTT DMRX (DCI)
COMM2 3777216 2 PTT DMRX (DCI)
Bridge 3100 2 PTTβ DMRX (DCI)
USA 1776 2 PTT MIT
(CACTUS Member only)
(DILLO Members only)

UA English 1 113 2 PTT DMR-MARC
UA English 2 123 2 PTT DMR-MARC
UA German 1 110 2 PTT DMR-MARC
UA German 2 120 2 PTT DMR-MARC
UA Nordic 1 117 2 PTT DMR-MARC
UA Nordic 2 127 2 PTT DMR-MARC
UA Spanish 1 114 2 PTT DMR-MARC
UA Spanish 2 124 2 PTT DMR-MARC
UA All_Lang 1 119 2 PTT DMR-MARC
UA All Lang 2 129 2 PTT DMR-MARC

Fusion Link 3182 2 PTT DCI
AllStar Link 3167 2 PTT DMR-IL
Hytera USA Relector 4639 2 PTT DMRX

Parrot 9998 2 PTT DMRX
Audio Test 9999 2 PTT DMR-MARC (NorCAL)



β This talk groups is linked full-time to Brandmeister
F/PTT* indicates the TG is full-time for in-state and in-region repeaters, PTT for everyone else.
PTT** indicates that TG is turned on full-time for scheduled Nets.
World Wide (TG1) Saturdays 1700 UTC (Saturdays 12:00pm EST)
TAC310 (TG310) Mondays 0100 UTC (Sundays 8:00pm EST)
PTT*** TG 31121 is only available outside the First Coast Network, they use TG2 locally.
PTT+ TAC 313-319 are available to other Bridges from the K4USD Network upon request.

Netwatch: http://cbridge.k4usd.org:42420/MinimalNetwatch

Peer Watch: http://cbridge.k4usd.org:42420/PeerWatch

Network Statistics: http://dmrx.net/dashboard/dmrx-dashboard-k4usd_network.html

CS-700 Codeplug, including GA, SC, NC, AL, MS, TN, KY, VA, WV, OH, and parts of FL.
If you find a mistake, please let me know.

http://www.k4usd.org/CS700_K4USD.rdt (updated 02/22/2016)

MD-380 Codeplug for the Metro Atlanta area.
If you find a mistake, please let me know.

http://www.k4usd.org/MD-380_ATL_v1.rdt (updated 11/05/2015)

The following is an unsorted list of repeaters using the K4USD Network
(If your repeater has a website, let me know and I will link it.)

K4USD Portable (Earth) 442.175 CC1
W8RED Snellville GA 442.600 CC1
KJ4KPX Stockbridge GA 443.225 CC1 (off network)
KC4VLJ Valdosta GA 147.075 CC1
W1KFR Kingsland GA 444.625 CC3
KD4KHO Portable RPT (Canton GA) 434.400 CC1
K1DMR Atlanta (Downtown) GA 444.4375 CC1
WB8CRS Cincinnati (Greenhills) OH 443.400 CC1
W8BLV Middletown OH 444.3625 CC1
KD8UYG Springfield OH 442.5125 CC1
WB8SCT Dayton OH 444.600 CC1
WB8SCT Centerville OH 147.135 CC1
KD8RWK Hillsboro OH 443.075 CC1
WB8FXJ Portable (Cincinnati OH) 442.175 CC1
WD8DZN Bucyrus OH 442.525 CC1
WB6EFW Portable (Ashburn VA) 442.1375 CC1
W4YP Haymarket VA 448.975 CC1
K1DMR Hayesville NC 443.0375 CC1
N1JBC Barrington RI (VHF) (Coming soon)
N0YNT Oakdale MN 443.425 CC1
N0YNT Dayton MN 442.850 CC1
NH7CY Minneapolis MN 442.425 CC1
N0AGI Burnsville MN 443.125 CC1
N0AGI Faribault MN 442.175 CC1
KD0TGF Ellendale MN (Coming soon)
N9BRG Fairfield IL 445.150 CC1
N2XDA Jacksonville FL 444.425 CC7
KM4CTB Jacksonville Beach FL 442.425 CC1
KF4I Palm Coast FL 443.300 CC1
K7BEN Jacksonville (South) FL 442.000 CC1
KB4LSL Crestview FL 443.000 CC1
W4DFU Gainsville FL 444.8125 CC1
KF5IW Fort Myers FL 442.175 CC1
W4VCO Lakeland FL 444.275 CC1
K3UCB Ashton MD 442.2375 CC1
N3LHD Upper Marboro MD 444.650 CC1
KD4VVZ Lucedale MS 444.200 CC1
N5ITU Fairview TX 441.3375 CC1
KC5HWB Grapevine TX Portable 440.5125 CC9
WR3IRS Philadelphia PA 440.650 CC1
WR3IRS Charlestown PA 440.200 CC1
KA3LAO Fairfield PA 146.475 +1.000 CC1
WR3IRS Waterford Works NJ 443.300 CC1
K2ACY Atlantic City NJ 445.23125 CC1
WR3IRS Wilmington DE 448.425 CC1
W3DCA Washington DC 145.11 -.600 CC1
W4WSM Bowling Green KY 444.700 CC1
KG4LHQ Hardinsburg KY 444.5125 CC1
K4KTR Portable KY 443.000 CC1
NE4SC Conway SC 443.6625 CC1

Ham Friendly DMR Dealers

HTTP://TWOWAYDIGITALRADIO.COM (new and used equipment, Motorola and other brands)

HTTP://CONNECTSYSTEMS.COM (Connect Systems radios)

HTTP://www.grapevineamateurradio.com (Grapevine TX)





For Further Information contact W2XAB (at) ARRL.NET



03/30/2016 Added reference to Brandmeister links, updated repeater list and added some hyperlinks.
03/31/2026 Corrected K2ACY frequency
04/06/2016 Decapitated TGs DMRX1 (BM 8001) and DMRX2 (BM 8002) because DMRX stopped supporting them.
Revised some text at beginning.
04/07/2016 Added KC5HWB and update freq of N5ITU
04/12/2016 Added some ham friendly dealers. Added TX State